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Barokke Pearl NecklaceBarokke Pearl Necklace
Barokke Pearl Necklace Sale price€28,95
Resizable Vintage Cross RingResizable Vintage Cross Ring
Resizable Vintage Cross Ring Sale price€21,95
Chain - Boxy HangerChain - Boxy Hanger
Chain - Boxy Hanger Sale price€28,95
Vintage Knot BraceletVintage Knot Bracelet
Vintage Knot Bracelet Sale price€24,95
Beach Shell NecklaceBeach Shell Necklace
Beach Shell Necklace Sale price€26,95
Square Plated Ring - LyonSquare Plated Ring - Lyon
Square Plated Ring - Lyon Sale price€21,95
Luxury BraceletLuxury Bracelet
Luxury Bracelet Sale price€30,95
Half Pearl Bracelet - HavanaHalf Pearl Bracelet - Havana
Half Pearl Bracelet - Havana Sale price€26,95
Wrope NecklaceWrope Necklace
Wrope Necklace Sale price€23,95
Round Edge Ring - PalmaRound Edge Ring - Palma
Round Edge Ring - Palma Sale price€21,95
Silver Signet RingSilver Signet Ring
Silver Signet Ring Sale price€23,95
Pearl Necklace - AventuraPearl Necklace - Aventura
Pearl Necklace - Aventura Sale price€27,95
Thin Elegant BraceletThin Elegant Bracelet
Thin Elegant Bracelet Sale price€26,95
Necklace AmauriNecklace Amauri
Necklace Amauri Sale price€30,95
Wrope BraceletWrope Bracelet
Wrope Bracelet Sale price€26,95
Vintage Elegant Thunder NecklaceVintage Elegant Thunder Necklace
Sword NecklaceSword Necklace
Sword Necklace Sale price€27,95
Poseidon RingPoseidon Ring
Poseidon Ring Sale price€23,95
Cross EarringCross Earring
Cross Earring Sale price€22,95
Square Snake Elegant BraceletSquare Snake Elegant Bracelet
Diamond Cut RingDiamond Cut Ring
Diamond Cut Ring Sale price€26,95
Sage Ring - Porto
Sage Ring - Porto Sale price€22,95
Frozen Black Ring - Madrid
Frozen Black Ring - Madrid Sale price€22,95
Double Pearl - BayamoDouble Pearl - Bayamo
Double Pearl - Bayamo Sale price€29,95
Pearl Bracelet - ArubaPearl Bracelet - Aruba
Pearl Bracelet - Aruba Sale price€23,95
Circle of Live NecklaceCircle of Live Necklace
Circle of Live Necklace Sale price€28,95
Lucky Number 13 RingLucky Number 13 Ring
Lucky Number 13 Ring Sale price€23,95
Old Money Raw Gold RingOld Money Raw Gold Ring
Old Money Raw Gold Ring Sale price€23,95
Vintage Oval NecklaceVintage Oval Necklace
Vintage Oval Necklace Sale price€24,95
Old Money Compass NecklaceOld Money Compass Necklace
Old Money Compass Necklace Sale price€34,95
Vintage Ring - AlicanteVintage Ring - Alicante
Vintage Ring - Alicante Sale price€22,95
Necklace MadridNecklace Madrid
Necklace Madrid Sale price€28,95
Eagle RingEagle Ring
Eagle Ring Sale price€26,95
Vintage Caesar RingVintage Caesar Ring
Vintage Caesar Ring Sale price€23,95
1%er Ring1%er Ring
1%er Ring Sale price€29,95
Cross RingCross Ring
Cross Ring Sale price€23,95
Octagon Ring - GenevaOctagon Ring - Geneva
Octagon Ring - Geneva Sale price€21,95
Nature Stone BraceletNature Stone Bracelet
Nature Stone Bracelet Sale price€21,95
Lionhead BraceletLionhead Bracelet
Lionhead Bracelet Sale price€23,95
Signet Casual RingSignet Casual Ring
Signet Casual Ring Sale price€22,95
Cutting RingCutting Ring
Cutting Ring Sale price€21,95
Big Wing NecklaceBig Wing Necklace
Big Wing Necklace Sale price€29,95
Boxie ChainBoxie Chain
Boxie Chain Sale price€26,95
Admiral Ring - RomeAdmiral Ring - Rome
Admiral Ring - Rome Sale price€22,95
Pearl Toggle ChainPearl Toggle Chain
Pearl Toggle Chain Sale price€27,95
Wrope ChainWrope Chain
Wrope Chain Sale price€27,95
FTW Big RingFTW Big Ring
FTW Big Ring Sale price€29,95
Berlin Red Stone Ring
Berlin Red Stone Ring Sale price€22,95
Cross ChainCross Chain
Cross Chain Sale price€29,95
Triangle BraceletTriangle Bracelet
Triangle Bracelet Sale price€26,95